Options and prices

Over 14 consecutive days.
Includes a 14-day DAVID LLOYD guest entry pass. This is the total price you pay.
20 hours of lessons and coaching plus an initial appraisal and schedule plan. The 20 hours to be scheduled as you wish over the 14 days.

£40 per hour (includes 45 mins in the water).
You pay the cost of your entry in to either club if you are not a member, as follows: -
David Lloyd £20
Hengrove - £4 ish
In both cases you get to stay there as long as you want and use the other facilities.

Price includes loan of equipment (fins, floats, training aids) and a written training plan.

Or at a pool of your choice (with operator's permission). Please add £10 per hour for this, if not local.

A longer duration course, lasting up to one month. Designed for those who have few aquatic skills and feel they look weak or timid in the water. After this course you will equal people who have been swimming strongly for many years.

Suitable for people who may be highly successful in other sports and weak in aquatics (at training camps and on holidays won't you want to show off in the water?).

Suitable for anyone with a big midlife challenge in mind.

* Will include in excess of 50 training hours and this will include the occasional whole morning or afternoon.

Would suit actors for example, who need to quickly develop a very strong all round confidence and skillset in water in connection with work they are seeking.