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OPTIONS FOR ONE-TO-ONE Coaching / teaching

At the following pools in Bristol:

Long Ashton, Bristol  Hengrove International, Bristol, BS14

Coaching by David Williams | Options and Prices

Lessons and Coaching structures

Whether you want to Pay as You Go or buy a fixed intensive course of multiple hours, you can be sure of a dedicated plan of improvement. With front crawl, if you are willing, you can improve stroke and speed very quickly if you are at beginner or intermediate level.

How much can you improve in 14 days? the answer is 'quite a lot'. With this level of intensity you'll find your body and mind tuning in to the task at hand and you will be swimming in your sleep. At the beginning, following an appraisal, a plan is developed to achieve lots of targets and you will certainly improve drammatically in the direction you want to go. Directions could be any of the following (or all, or others you may want):

1. Front crawl efficiency, style and speed improvement.

2. Pool and Lane training skills (for club entry) to include starts, racing turns, diving, all 4 strokes development, etc.

3. Triathlon skills - focusing on increased speed and stamina in front crawl swimming, plus techniques for open water, legkick strengthening, etc.

4. To master a stroke you can't do like Butterfly.

5. General aquatic skills to take you to the level of an all-round competent and skilled swimmer (all the strokes, diving, starts and turns, underwater swimming, ball skills and efficient water treading, etc)

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