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  Coaching and Club Philosophy:

We want to get more adults in to swimming. We offer Swim Training and Swim Improvement and deliver it in a friendly but motivational way. The club will always have a community and social feel. We coach Swim Training, but our sessions and training programmes do not lead to required individual participation in competition.

  So you want to take your swimming further...

How do I become a member?

You pay as you go, and get three sessions on a trial use basis. After that, we'll start badgering you to join. For membership details, ask at any session to pay the 20 annual membership fee.

Will I hold people up if I am not good enough?

No, we welcome frontcrawl beginners and improvers. But please head for the Dean Lane and Jubilee sessions as we have the whole pool (5 lanes) at them so we can be more accommodating.


What is the age range of the club?
Currently active members aged from 23 - 54.

We'll welcome 21 - 101 year olds!

The largest age grouping in the club is within the 35 - 45 grouping.

Where is the club based?
(1) Southville/Bedminster pool, Dean Lane, BS3 1BS

Is there any long-term commitment or membership fee?
We are very much a drop-in club. Just pay as you go and come when you like. It gets easier the more often you train and your swimming will improve very quickly if you swim with us regularly. We do encourage swimmers to join our membership scheme which is 20 for the year.

How much does it cost?
Members -
4 for all sessions; Non-members - 5.50 for all sessions.

Please pay club coach or organiser before or after the session.

We use the following training patterns and routines for those above beginner level:
(1) - Interval training. We do a lot of this. It is beneficial for all swimmers who want to improve. It is suitable for sprint race training and long distance or triathlon training. It builds swimming strength and ability quickly. We repeat sets of 50m swims, and/or 100s, and occasionally 200s .

(2) - Fartlek - Swedish word meaning Speedplay. Interval training but continuous. The variable intensity and continuous nature of the exercise places stress on both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Example - 200m swim with every second length being fast, the rest of the lengths easy/steady.

(3) - Negative Split - swimming the last half of your race at a faster pace than the first half. We do this in training by repeating 50s, 100s, or even 200s with the second half being swum faster. We have techniques to help you do it effectively.


Can I just turn up to a session and swim?
Please arrive to meet in the Dean Lane pool foyer, Jubilee foyer and Hengrove foyer 15 minutes before the session starts. We like to be on the poolside 5 minutes before start and in the water promptly at session start time.

Are the sessions coached?
We always have a coach or trainer on the poolside who can offer technique advice, timing and general session structure.


How good a swimmer - as a minimum - do I need to be to join the swim train and swim improve sessions?
Due to pool safety policies that are imposed on us and due to the fact our sessions are 'coached' rather than 'taught':

1. Be able to swim 50m front crawl (stopping half way is OK).

And all levels above.

2. Would be an advantage - Have a good B (or 'second') stroke or ideally be proficient in 2 or more strokes.

And all levels above.


Is this training suitable for Triathletes?
YES. A lot of our members also run and also tri. We have a lot of Triathletes and Aquathletes and as a club we like Aquathlons (swim and run).

Is the club a member of any sports governing body?
We are affiliated to the ASA (South West).






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